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2015 Award Winners!

Listed below are the Student Filmmaker Awards Official Selections competing for Student Film of the Year, Best Directing, Best Screenwriting, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Animated Film, and Emerging Filmmaker of the Year.

-196 copy


Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Russia – Short on resources but rich in feeling, lapsed physics student Mitya is determined to save the life of his ailing, beloved grandmother. Overriding the uninformed protestations of family members, the devoted grandson goes any lengths to have her cryogenically preserved after her demise, thereby affording her a chance at a new life.

Served Cold copy

Served Cold

New York Film Academy, USA – A former drug lord is sentenced to life in prison after killing an undercover cop, with the help of his shady attorney he has to take desperate measures in order to be with his teenage daughter.

Check-Please copy

Check, Please

University School (High School), USA -After a relaxing evening out to dinner, two prideful men battle over who gets to pay the check.

Death-of-A-Legend-745x310 copy

Official Selection – Death Of A Legend

Mahidol University, Thailand -With dissent against the social system, a young contract killer takes his first job on a hit to take down a legendary hitman.Do All Members of the Crew & Cast have to be Students?

Early-Decision--745x380 copy

Official Selection – Early Decision

Columbia University, USA -A sardonic depiction of an admissions interview, ‘Early Decision’ looks at the ironies and pretenses that exist in the college admissions process. When Jake, an eager prospective student, arrives at Columbia University, he discovers that he will be interviewed by Dr. Richards, the new head of admissions, in an encounter that will challenge him to see just how far he’s willing to go to get into his dream school. Can you waive the entry fee for me?

Fighter-By-Nature copy

 Fighter By Nature

Ithica College, USA -Fighter By Nature is a portrait of the life of Marvin McDowell, a Hall of Fame boxing coach from Baltimore, Maryland, as he tries to balance being a coach to inner-city youth while at the same time being a father to his own family. The story follows Marvin as he trains an 18-year-old boxer Antwain Robinson for the Police Athletic League National Boxing Championship in Toledo, Ohio.

I-Need-My-Monster-745x414 copy

Official Selection – I Need My Monster

UC Denver, USA -Substitute monsters appear but none are as perfect as Gabe. Herbert’s teeth aren’t sharp enough, Mack’s slobbering induces giggles, Cynthia’s tail isn’t scary at all, and Ralph has nail polish on his claws! This will never work! How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster?

Love-Out-Of-Mind-745x372 copy

Official Selection – Love Out Of Mind

School of Visual Arts – NYC, USA -Love Out of Mind’ takes place in Brooklyn, NYC, and follows the story of a young man with bipolar disorder who struggles to enter into a relationship but is afraid of getting hurt.

Martian-American-745x403 copy

Official Selection – Martian American

American Film Institute, USA -A lonely Martian travels to Los Angeles to start a new life and make new friends, but when lack of understanding of American culture, and interplanetary racisms threaten his dream, he struggles to find the courage to stay.

Missing-U copy

Missing U

Ringling College of Art and Design, USA -An animated tale about the letter I, a lonely author who lives life with a sigh. Upon discovering that U is missing, I goes on a perilous adventure to find him. As she journeys through increasingly unfamiliar territory, I is forced to face her fears and grow as a character.


My Father’s Truck

NYU, USA -My Father’s Truck is a part coming-of-age part road film about 10-year-old Mai Vy as she skips school one day to help her father with his passenger truck for hire. Set along the countryside of Northern Vietnam, Mai Vy is soon confronted with shades of morality and some harsh realities as she learns how things, outside the classroom, really are.

Offline-745x314 copy

Official Selection – Offline

Fh-Dortmund, Canada -Kevin is annoyed that he has to spend his afternoon teaching his Grandma how to
use the World Wide Web, so he decides to leave it to herself to learn. However, with only a few instructions left by her Grandson, Grandma accidentally deletes the Internet.

Persistence-745x311 copy

Official Selection – Persistence

York St John University, United Kingdom -It began with a fight for freedom, and turned into a fight for each other.

Pulse-745x418 copy

Official Selection – Pulse

UCLA, China -Portraying lives as EKG lines. Some lives are safe and sound and some are different.

Qualia-745x317 copy

Official Selection – Qualia: A Cinematic Dance Film

USC, USA -After feeling discouraged by the perfect dancers in her ballet school, a young girl is taken on a journey to discover that dance can flourish in surprisingly unexpected bodies.


Theme Song Rebel

USC, USA -In a dystopia where a person’s social class is determined by their theme song, Louise wants to change her tune.

Trouble-745x381 copy

Official Selection – Trouble

Spark, United Kingdom -Returning home from intensive care, Alex must come face-to-face with the man he blames for his sisters death, her ex-boyfriend Shane. As a distraction he starts to build a memorial garden to his sister in the family front garden. When Shane and his gang keep loitering near his house, tensions rise when Alex befriends Shane’s sister, Rose, proving two can play at that game.

Undressed-745x403 copy

Official Selection – Undressed

The London Film School, United Kingdom -Ned notices how friendly Mirella gets when she’s wearing her costume. If he steals her clothes, and she has to stay in costume, can they find love?

Young-Americans copy

Young Americans

American Film Institute, USA -On the verge of aging out of foster care, seventeen year old Mercedes Harper needs money and she needs it now. So she manipulates Denver Thomas, a former high school classmate with a massive crush on her to help her plan and execute a bank robbery.


Zu Dir? (Your Place?)

Academy of Media Arts, Germany -Sunday morning in a club. Freya falls accidentally into the arms of Max. While dancing together they forget time and space. When the music stops he asks her “To my place or to yours?”. But she has a better idea, “What about you go to my place and I go to yours?”. Freya and Max swap their keys and addresses. They go seperate ways to encounter in a completely new way.

47-Minutes-745x311 copy

Official Selection – 47 Minutes

Utah Valley University, USA -Three perfect strangers: a selfless flight attendant, a down-and-out paramedic, and overworked lawyer go about a normal morning when a single act puts their seemingly separate lives on a collision course culminating at the moment that defined this generation.

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